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CSX Revises Discipline Policy (IDPAP) September 2018

On September 20, CSX sent emails to all crafts informing us that they were instituting a new Discipline Policy (IDPAP). The IAM immediately requested a phone call to discuss the changes and went to work on analyzing the new policy that was sent in an attachment to the original email. At first glance we found that the suspensions had been reduced which we agreed with but we also found that this latest version imposed a Formal Reprimand at the first step without a chance at an investigation/trial. This violates our agreement and every other Unions agreement as well.

On September 21, at 3:30 PM, We had a conference call with CSX Labor Relations and all other crafts. We raised our concern with the new policy and Labor Relations tried to explain that a formal reprimand is not discipline, this is not true. Arbitrators have consistently ruled that any derogatory mark on an employee’s personnel file is considered discipline and therefore an investigation needs to be offered prior to issuing a formal reprimand. At this point the Labor Relations team put all of us on hold for several minutes, when they came back on they claimed that they would be getting back to us on this. As you will see on the updated policy for all crafts, CSX made the necessary change. So, this time CSX actually did the right thing before anyone was hurt by it.

In addition, all steps were reduced in the policy as you will see in the attachment. This reduction is more of a savings so CSX doesn’t have to fill jobs when Members are disciplined but it helps us too. All in all, this is good news for our Members.
Andrew Sandberg                                                            Jason Gibbs
Andrew Sandberg                                                              Jason Gibbs 
 Asst. to PDGC                                                               General Chairman