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10/4/2018 Members on the Indiana Southern Railroad Ratifiy Agreement

I am proud to announce that on September 13, 2018, our members that are employed at the Indiana Southern Railroad ratified their new Agreement.
The ISRR Bargaining Committee served their Section Six Notice on the Carrier in March 2016.  Several very hard negotiation sessions where held over the next two plus years. The Bargaining Committee  reached a tentative agreement with the Carrier on June 21, 2018. I am proud to announce that on September 13, 2018 the Tentative Agreement was ratified by the membership.
The Bargaining Committee  successful in holding off the Carrier's demand to  eliminate of all the Maintenance of Ways Machinist Jobs. This agreement offers seven (7) General Wage Increases and maintains an affordable rate of medical, prescription, and dental benefits for our members.  Improvements of the Agreement include:
  •   Paid time off for holidays will now be counted as hours worked for determining overtime.
  •   Earned vacation has increased and any unused vacation will be paid out at the end of the year.
  •   Additionally, our members now will accumulate Flex Days at a rate of 0.5 days per month and can be used as personal days off for various reasons.
  •   Each January members will qualify for a voucher for the purchase of safety glasses and boots. 
  •  Finally, in the event of a furlough, members will be eligible to transfer to another G&W property during the furlough.
This agreement is the result of solidarity between members in three different departments of this Carrier.  I would like to thank the bargaining committee and the members at ISRR for their patience and support throughout the bargaining process. 

Josh Hartford
Josh Hartford, Chairman