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4.3.2017 Update National Freight Negotiations

On February 22, 2017 the Coalition: IAM, TCU, BRC, TWU and IBEW, met with the National Carrier's Conference Committee (NCCC) to continue National Freight Negotiations. 

At the conclusion of the meeting the NCCC informed the Coalition that we should expect a written proposal from them within a short period of time.  The Coalition is now informed that the proposal will come during the week of April 10th.  Once the details of the proposal are fully reviewed we will inform of the content and should also have a meeting date set.

We are fully committed to bring this round of national negotiations to a conclusion as quickly as possible with the expectation of an agreement all our membership will fully support.  We are realistic in our expectation of conclusion and this proposal should give us a feel for how serious the NCCC is of reaching an agreement in a timely manner.