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Arbitration update on the National Freight Agreement update 

Sisters and Brothers:

National Agreement Arbitration update August 30, 2018:

 Brothers and Sisters that are partied to the National Freight Agreement.  After long negations, the Carriers (NCCC) and District 19 has come to an Agreement on the Arbitration hearing and Arbitrator.  Ms. Charlotte Gold will be hearing both sides of and rendering her decision.
 The Arbitration hearing will take place at the offices of the National Mediation Board in Washington, DC.   The hearing dates are September 19 and 20th, 2018. Attorney Carmen Parcelli form the Law Offices of Guerrieri, Bartos and Roma, will be the District’s Legal Counsel and will be presenting our case.

Two days have been set aside for the hearing.   The Arbitrator will have 10 days from the close of the hearing to render her decision.  The Agreement calls for, what is know as baseball arbitration”.  This means that the Arbitrator will rule in favor of the Union’s case or the Carriers case.

Baseball arbitration is not what I wanted.  I wanted to give the Arbitrator some latitude in her decision making.  The Carriers simply refused to give the Arbitrator any latitude.  After conversing with legal counsel and getting advice and guidance it was determined that we had no leverage to force the Carrier’s to agree to give the arbitrator some latitude. The important item we agree to is that both parties’ proposals are part of the Agreement.  This means that the Carrier and the Organization  cannot change their proposal before or during the hearing. 
 We had to be innovative and think outside of the box for our proposal. Our proposal is based on getting extra pay for the work we have inherited.   It is also asking for an additional raise at the end of the contract to carry us thru the next round of negotiations.  We have also addressed the employee cost sharing, plan changes and the “true-up”.     I believe that we have developed a proposal that the Arbitrator will have to give very serious thought and consideration to.  Our proposals gives the Arbitrator reasons to rule in our favor. 

Between now and the end of the Arbitration hearing we will be working with everything we have to bring back a win. 
Thank you for your, support, understanding and patience. 

In Solidarity,
Mike Perry,
Acting President Directing General Chairma