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 PDGC Mike Perry

The Corner Office

  • President, J. Michael Perry

The Presidents Report May 2021

 Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

Hope this finds all is well with you and your family.  It has been announced that the Kansas City Railroad (KCS) has approved to be acquired by the Canadian Pacific (CP).

  As of this article the CP has filed a Letter of Intent to file an application with the Surface Transportation Board.  In their letter, CP informed the STB that they plan on filing an application in July of this year.  This proposed acquisition will certainly meet opposition from the other Class One Railroads.   I am sure there will be many meetings concerning this merger and do expect that this merger between the CP and KCS could take up to two years to be approved, if approved at all.  Our outside council will be monitoring and representing IAM District 19 Railroad Machinists in the process of the proposed merger.

The COVID – 19 Vaccines seems to be going well and is bringing back some normalcy to our lives. With this and starting May 1, 2021, I will be relaxing travel restrictions for the General Chairmen and Staff of District 19.  The Staff is looking forward to being able to get back out in the field again.

The new operating models of the Class One Railroads, (PSR) has hit the Railroad Machinists extremely hard with significant furloughs.  I do not foresee a significant recall of Machinists any time soon.  To date we have been able to adjust to the furloughs and fared well through PSR and the Pandemic.   Officers of District 19 must set forth an operation plan to carry us into the future.  Therefore, the Officers along with Transportation GVP’s office are working on setting a path for the District to remain financially sound while maintaining the high level of representation the members deserve. I will have more to report on this issue as our plan develops.     

Update on National Freight Agreement:  CBC met with the NCCC, via Zoom, in March of this year; the CBC made presentations on proposed Work Rule improvements.  We made a presentation as a coalition that cover work rules which encompassed all railroad workers, OPS and NON-OPS.  Then each Union (Ops and Non-Ops) made craft specific work rule proposals.  At this session, the NCCC did not make any additional proposals and did not respond to our proposals. They will review our proposals and get back to us. Another negotiating session will take place at the end of April; however, a specific date has not been set at this time.  Virtual negotiating sessions do have its challenges when it comes to negotiating.  It is the CBC’s intentions to resume face to face negotiating sessions in the later part of this year, pandemic permitting.  The CBC deeply appreciates your understanding and patience during this round of negotiation.

Congratulations to our Members of Local Lodge 2741, employees of Alstom in Hornell NY, for ratifying their new five-year agreement.  You may have heard that earlier this year Alstom won a bid for work that will bring in additional new work that will result in an approximately 300 new jobs.  Local Lodge 2741 negotiating team consisting of Sister Sue Kull, Brothers Jeff O’Brochta, Joe Hall, Curtis Craft, GC Josh Hartford, APDGC Kyle Loos and SR Gary Naylor worked extremely hard and up to the last minute to achieve an excellent contract that was overwhelmingly approved by the membership.

There is light at the end of the COVID19 tunnel. Please do not let your guard down and protect your family, co-workers and yourself. 

Wishing you a great COVID free Summer Season.

In Solidarity,