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 PDGC Mike Perry

The Corner Office

  • President, J. Michael Perry

The Presidents Report July

Members of District Lodge 19:

We are already halfway through 2020, a year of unprecedent times.  All of us are enduring trying times caused by COVID-19.  This virus does not seem to be going away or becoming controllable anytime soon.   We must learn how to live with this virus until our health care professionals can come up with a vaccine that will control this virus. I am confident that they will.  But until then we must take this virus serious and keep everyone safe.

We know that the Grand Lodge has taken action to protect the members, District, Local Lodges and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.  Thankfully, we have an Executive Council that has the dedication, willingness, and ability to protect all IAMAW members and the Union as a whole.

Your District is weathering this storm very well.  Your staff is doing a great job throughout this but know it has not been easy on them or you.  Travel is still restricted, but essential travel is being approved.  Furloughs are hard on the District, as well as your Local Lodges.  Your District Staff is working hard in protecting the District and Local Lodges.  The District currently has two vacant General Chairmen positions, however with the current circumstances I have decided, it is in the best interest of our District not to fill these positions anytime soon.  When business picks up, which I believe it will, I will revisit the filling of the vacant GC positions.   

GC Kenny Krause, APDGC Kyle Loos and K&O Local Chairman Shawn Engle successfully negotiated a new contract with the Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad.  This agreement was 100% percent approved by the membership.  Negotiations with South Central Florida Express have now gone into Mediation.  We are working extremely hard to reach a tentative agreement that will be acceptable by the members as quickly as possible.

The Collective Bargaining Coalition for the National Freight Agreement is meeting regularly and working hard on finding ways to have meaningful and productive negotiations.

Our District Lodge 2020, 2nd Quarterly Report is out, and you can see what the staff of District 19 has been working on and accomplished in the last quarter.  You can access the report on our web site. July District 19 Quarterly Report

I know that wearing a mask is inconvenient, uncomfortable and a nuisance.  We do not like the fact that our governing bodies are requiring the wearing of a mask.  Nonetheless, try to look at it a different way, wear the mask out of respect to keep your family, neighbors, friends, fellow workers, and yourself safe.  I do wear my Transportation Department mask when I go out in public, not because I have to, but out of respect for others.  It is not a “fix all”, or cure, but it is proven that the wearing of a mask works.  We will get through this pandemic. 

The Staff of District Lodge 19 works hard everyday for you.  Please do not hesitate to call upon us.

In Solidarity and fraternally yours,

J. Michael Perry