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 PDGC Mike Perry

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  • President, J. Michael Perry

Attention District Lodge 19 members, that fall under the National Freight Agreement. It is time to take and submit the National Freight Agreement Bargaining Survey. 


This survey will be used in preparing our Section 6 Notice that will be served upon the Carriers represented by the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC) in November 2019.  The results of the survey will be used as a platform at the bargaining table.  The NCCC and the Carriers will hear your voice through these surveys and not just from the bargaining committee.  It is crucial that you complete this survey, the more surveys we receive the louder our voice will be at the bargaining table.

It is very imperative that you follow these instructions of the survey.

Please follow the instructions for each question carefully and mark the appropriate option by clicking on the box or if filling out a hard copy using a pen, pencil or marker. 

You can fill out the survey online at the link below or you can print the survey and mark it using a pen or pencil. If you print the survey it cannot be photocopied.  Photocopies of the survey cannot be scanned in our system.    

  1. Please follow the instructions for each question, carefully mark the appropriate option by clicking or if filling out a hard copy with a pen, pencil or marker.

  2. Please do not mark on the boxes contained in the corners of the survey. These boxes are strictly for software use only.


  4. If filling out a hard copy, only staple the pages together in the upper left hand corner and do not add additional staples anywhere on the survey.

  5. You may write additional comments in the comment box provided.

  6. All responses are strictly confidential.  

This is an electronic survey and can be completed on any electronic device as long as you are connected to the internet.  If you prefer a hard copy, you can print it out yourself, or contact your Local Chairman or General Chairman.   Please keep in mind that photocopies of the survey cannot be used.  If you use a hard copy and once your survey is complete, place it in a plain sealed envelope and give it to your Local Chairman who will mail the completed surveys to their designated General Chairman.  Please note, surveys are not to be shared with anyone, nor can they be completed on company time, internet or computers.  Most Railroad Companies, if not all, have a rule or a company policy about doing union business while on company time.  Also, the survey asks for contact information, name, address, phone number and email.  This is strictly voluntary.  You do not have to provide any contact information for your survey to be counted.  You may share all or just part of your contact information.  Once again sharing this information is optional and not required. 

The survey will be available online through Friday, July 26, 2019 or until we see that no more surveys are being submitted.  A week’s notice will be sent out prior to us taking it off the website.

I encourage all members under the National Freight Agreement to take 5 minutes and complete this important survey.  Your input is extremely valuable and necessary to get your voice heard at the bargaining table.  These surveys will send a strong message directly from you to the Carriers.  I’ve learned from the previous Arbitration of the National Agreement that the Carriers pay very close attention to what you, the members say, as they did the Local Chairmen who testified in the Arbitration hearing.

The survey link is below for your use.


To Download and  Print a Hard copy of the survey click on this Link:

  Download and Print National Agreement Bargaining Survey

If you should have any questions, please contact your Local or General Chairman.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out this survey.   

In Solidarity and always fraternally yours,
Mike Perry