District Lodge 19

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This Is Who We Are

This Is Who We Are

We are the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, District Lodge 19. Our existence lies in our commitment to work together to empower, protect and promote the well-being of our union members who relentlessly contribute their lives to the maintenance and repair of locomotives, commuter car manufacturing and other associated railroad industry equipment for the hundreds of thousands of miles of railroads in America.  With every task performed and all talent shared, every member of our Union makes a difference to help our country prosper.

At District Lodge 19, our strong voice and representation ensures that our “strength in numbers” serves our membership in the highest, utmost manner. By serving as our members’ biggest advocate, our priorities are focused on protecting and enhancing union contracts to secure wages, hours, benefits, and working conditions for each member of our family of District Lodge 19. In addition, we keep our members informed and educated on a variety of issues regarding their profession including legislation, health care, safety, community services, special events, career development, and training opportunities. Our overall goal with every action we take, each decision we make, any policy established, or any positions on which we take a stance, is to work fiercely to create a better life for our members and their families and to protect our industry in the future.

District Lodge 19 is a component of a number of bodies that work together for the betterment of our union members. The major building blocks of our Union include the Grand Lodge, the IAM Executive Council, IAM Transportation Department, the District Lodge, and all of the Local Lodges.


IAM Union Structure

The Grand Lodge is the headquarters of the Union that oversees the different territorial departments and provides an array of services to our membership. The Grand Lodge’s Executive Council is comprised of the International President, the General Secretary-Treasurer and eight General Vice-Presidents. Every District Lodge is comprised of several local lodges that cover a specific area. District Lodge 19 has 92 local lodges that it supports, representing over 11,000 active Machinists and approximately 6,000 retired members across the country.